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Private Residence – Cleveland, Ohio

Private Residence
Cleveland, Ohio
During the late 1920’s, this private estate at “Daisy Hill” was owned by lifetime bachelor brothers O.P. and M.J. Van Sweringen. Following the stock market crash of 1929, the property passed on to an extended family, and by the late 1990’s, the “farm group” buildings of this once great estate were in disrepair. […]

Bishop Farm

Bishop Farm
New Jersey, USA
A flat expanse of farmland backed up by a mature stand of trees is the perfect stage for a home that balances formal gestures reflective of the status of the owners, with a profound sense of comfort.

Custom work allowed the architect, Sandy Kraemer of Grater Architects, a crucial level of refinement in […]

Corbin Norton House


Corbin Norton House
Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, USA
It’s a home with a storied history. 1891. Philip Corbin, turn-of-the-century hardware entrepreneur, builds the centerpiece of a Victorian seashore park on Martha’s Vineyard — both summer retreat and a showcase for his firm’s most richly decorated and innovative hardware. 1991. Purchased by Peter Norton, founder and CEO of […]

Mascoma Lake Residence

Mascoma lake Residence
New Hampshire, USA
The perfect complement to an urban life, the Mascoma Lake residence offers its owners a comfortable repose that interconnects its natural surroundings and living spaces.

Drawing from the vernacular of old New England wood framed cottages, the home is direct in its use of structural materials and exposed construction. Juxtapositions of off-the-shelf, […]

Private Residence – Vermont U.S.A.

Private Residence
Vermont, USA

A first glance at the architectural plans for the addition to this home revealed daunting site conditions and a design that would test window standards to the limit. Three stories high in some places and built on a steep rock ledge facing a lake, the plans called for a schedule of window walls […]

Stoutridge Winery

Stoutridge Winery
Marlboro, New York, USA
When Stoutridge’s owners, Stephen Osborn and Kimberly Wagner, imagined their vineyard, they envisioned Riesling grapes, slow wine  philosophy and a European-style winery based on German design.

Osborn and Wagner began with restoration of the farmhouse.The pair came into the process with several design ideas that would make the experience of the buildings […]

Private Residence

Private Residence
New York City, NY
Sixx Design founders Robert and Cortney Novogratz built their business converting dilapidated spaces in Manhattan and around the world into homes of exceptional style and character. This shell on the edge of Soho was to be a truly special project, serving as a home for their active, growing family.

During the planning […]