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Stoutridge Winery

Stoutridge Winery

Stoutridge Winery
Marlboro, New York, USA

When Stoutridge’s owners, Stephen Osborn and Kimberly Wagner, imagined their vineyard, they envisioned Riesling grapes, slow wine  philosophy and a European-style winery based on German design.

Osborn and Wagner began with restoration of the farmhouse.The pair came into the process with several design ideas that would make the experience of the buildings more pleasing. From the start, they knew that the windows had to be authentic — shuttered, secured with Cremone bolts, and able to open inward. As an additional touch, instead of permanent exterior window screens that give buildings a dull look, Hirschmann integrated their imported retractable screen product into all the in-swing French Casement windows for a screen on demand solution.

A Hirschmann folding door connects Stoutridge’s conference room with the roof deck creating easy access and affording beautiful views into the vineyard. Five French doors complete the winery’s integration with the outdoors.

Hirschmann Windows and Doors:
18 French Casement windows
1 Awning window
5 French Doors (4 w/Transom)
1 Folding Door

Stephen Osborn and Kimberly Wagner

Coupart Construction Company, Inc
Thomas Coupart

©H. Hirschmann LTD

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