Project Description

Mascoma lake Residence
New Hampshire, USA

The perfect complement to an urban life, the Mascoma Lake residence offers its owners a comfortable repose that interconnects its natural surroundings and living spaces.

Drawing from the vernacular of old New England wood framed cottages, the home is direct in its use of structural materials and exposed construction. Juxtapositions of off-the-shelf, prefabricated materials side by side with very beautiful and extremely well-made products gives the home a unique and uncommon character.

The open plan allows for a range of different spaces — gathering spots and private nooks — while the two-story screened porch offers views and year-round, protected access to the outdoors. A Hirschmann trim-less folding door creates an 8’x10’ interface between the porch and interior living space.

The 10′ tall door presented a unique challenge as the door hinge was situated at a fragile and unsupported jamb location. Using a full length stainless steel continuous hinge for the secondary door allowed the installer to fasten directly into the wall framing numerous times, lending the required strength to carry both doors. A small lifting device was also created to ensure proper spacing and to prevent any sagging over time.

Hirschmann Windows and Doors:
1 Double-hinged Folding Door
5 Fixed Mahogany Windows

Watershed Studio Architecture
(formerly Design-Build Studio LLC)
Daniel B. Johnson, Architect

Estes and Gallop

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