The Hirschmann Family Heritage

The Hirschmann family heritage is also our company history. Practicing the craft of fine woodworking for four generations, our story isn’t unheard of, but it is unique in its longevity and in its blend of European master craft and American innovation.

For over 100 years, a legacy of craft has been handed down from father to son, extended with unparalleled skill and creativity, and enhanced by a constant desire to apply modern tools and techniques. From Josef to Franz and to Helmut, the Hirschmann family of Cologne, Germany established and built upon a reputation for peerless quality in residential and commercial architectural projects. In the 1980’s, our company was relocated to America, and the foothills of Vermont became our new home. Now led by Rolf Hirschmann, the fourth generation Hirschmann woodworker, we have expanded and occupy a state-of-the-art workshop facility in West Rutland, not far from some of the oldest marble quarries in the country.

In Vermont, we found more than we expected – a place that was an extension of our values as a company and as a family. There’s a kinship felt between the history of immigrant marble craftsmen, a culture of environmental sensitivity and a well-known Vermont respect for quality work. Amidst a landscape that instills a strong work ethic and the ability to adapt, the quality of life in Vermont continues to inspire us personally and professionally and to nurture our values – one of the most important assets we bring along on every project.